What are we hoping on?

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November 16, 2009
What are we hoping on?

If I was given a choice between a guaranteed 500 million dollar lottery ticket, or the promise of the return of Jesus Christ and the establishing of His eternal Kingdom,….which one would I put my faith in to save me from all of my problems? Sounds easy enough to answer,…but too often I notice that myself and others look at financial salvation as the answer to our problems. Do we really believe that Jesus is our salvation? Do we believe Him enough to lose this life for His sake and bank all of our chips on His promise?
So many of us say, “if I just had the funds I could freely minister”,…oh yeah,…freely minister what? If what we have wasn’t obtained by faith then how are we supposed to minister faith to other people? Faith is the substance(real stuff) of things hoped for, the evidence(the physical manifestation) of things not previously seen. How are we supposed to minister this kind of faith while all the time operating out of things we can already see? No one hopes for things that are already realized.

Faith is strengthened by bringing into existence those things that we only hoped for and yet put our trust in God’s ability(not ours) to obtain them.
In the same way, how are we supposed to minister faith all the while believing that the main purpose of God’s salvation is to bring us is a better life on Earth? Aren’t we Ambassadors from another Kingdom? Are we homesick? Or have we come to love this world so much that our request of God is to make us happy here.
Well,…nothing lasts forever in this world,….everything dies here, and therefore as negative as I sound saying this,…there is no hope here. 500 million dollars won’t even last forever. So what then, do we walk around with our heads hung to the ground, sad because we lose our life on Earth when we walk with Christ? No! We are to come alive in the Kingdom of God, we are to make the Kingdom of Heaven our residence and Earth is just a camping trip. After all a few million years from now Earth will have seemed like a short camping trip.
Lets put our hope in things that do not perish instead of putting our hope on things that will become dust.

Is the Kingdom of Heaven real to us? Is it so real we will put all of our hope in the promise that God has given us that one day we will be with Him in His Kingdom forever? Is the promises of God our hope? Is He our lottery? Once we are with Him there will never be any need, or want, or fear, or sorrow, or suffering, or pain. But instead we will be with Him in more glory, and passion, and wonder, and excitement, and creative explosive expression, and awe,….FOREVER! Do we really, really hope on this?


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  1. Kajsa Huckaba says:

    Faith is one of my favorite subjects. It is a deep work the Lord does in us. In each part of that process we make a choice. We either partner with God to go further in or our faith “muscle” has failed to be exercised and grow.

    Faith hinges on our worldview. Do we see the Lord as truly the author and finisher of our faith? Do we really trust Him for all things to work for our good?

    Great post, Daniel!

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