The Tuning Fork


About two years ago, I was preaching at Highland Assembly of God in Hines Oregon. As I was preparing for a sermon that I would preach that night, my thoughts began to drift off and I was then caught up in the Spirit. I saw myself standing in a cave. In the cave it was dark but I could see. The walls were black but there were several bronze streaks coming down the walls. How many there were I don’t know but the cave was very long and all of the length that I could see was streaked with these bronze streaks. As I examined these bronze streaks closely I could see that they were not a streak at all but rather a pure vein of bronze ore. It glistened as if it were polished. It was slowly flowing like a very thick liquid from the top of the cave wall to the bottom of the vein. About two or three feet off the ground the bronze was dripping but before a drop could hit the ground it was taken away by one of many small servants that were scurrying around the cave. These servants were very fast and seemed not to notice me and they just kept working at their task.

It seemed like quite a while from the time that I was standing in the cave until I found myself in a store room. I was standing next to a large lump on the floor. I could tell that this lump had shape and it was some kind of object although it was covered with corrosion. I knew that this object somehow represented me. And that it was as if I was literally the object that I was looking at. On closer examination I could tell that the object was metal and that it was probably bronze because of the patina-like encrustation that was formed all over the surface of this object. The corrosion and encrustation really bothered me. I wanted to take it off but there was no way as it was firmly affixed to the surface.

Then the door to the store room that I was standing in suddenly opened. I never heard footsteps or any indication that someone was coming. The door just opened. Standing in the doorway was a very large workman about three to four times my size. He was wearing a leather apron and shop clothes. He walked into the store room and never looked at me but I could tell by his expression that he wanted me to watch what he was doing. He picked up a large metal object with his hand. This object was about the size of a 20 ounce bottle of coke which, in my eyes, made him appear even larger as the object seemed to be the size of a small car when it was next to me.

I followed the workman out the door to a grinding wheel. He was picking the patina off of the object and then intermittently he would grind the object on the grinding wheel. When he did this I could feel the work that was going on as if I was the object being worked on. This reminded me that the object he was working on was me. I was just very fortunate to be able to watch the work as it happened. As he continued to grind on the object, me, I felt very sore and tired but I also felt very relieved and free to have all that corrosion taken off of me. Then the workman rolled up his sleeves and began to walk away from the grinding wheel.

Again, I could tell by his expression that he wanted me to follow him and watch what he was going to do. He walked into another room which contained a cloth buffing wheel. Just before he walked through the door I could see that the object in his hand it was made of bronze or brass, I’m not sure. It still bore the scratchy looking grinder wheel marks over its whole surface but I knew what the object was when I saw it. And I knew who it was that was doing the work. This workman was the Lord. I knew that no one else could clean me up but the Lord. This was Him and in His hand this object was a tuning fork. I could tell, I’m not sure how, that this object was something that the Lord owned and it belonged to Him.

As I followed Him into the buffing wheel room I was filled with such excitement and joy even through I still felt the pain of the grinding wheel experience. I did not want to say anything out loud because I did not want to interrupt the Lord but I kept shouting inside myself, saying, “I am God’s tuning fork! I am God’s tuning fork! I am God’s tuning fork!” I wanted to dance and jump around the same way a person does when they see there favorite football team score a winning touch down but I knew I should not do that because I was watching and that was my job. At that moment I was just to watch and learn but I was still overjoyed inside myself knowing that this was ok. I was also encouraged.

I watched the Lord at the buffing wheel. The look on His face was the same look that a father has on his face when a child is spying on Him. He knows the child is there but he’s playing along anyway. He was buffing the tuning fork and then flicking it next to His ear as if He was trying to obtain a certain pitch or note. This buffing process felt very good to me. And the pain of the grinding wheel was leaving me as the work continued. I also felt more of a sense of purpose and belonging to what was happening as He continued His work.

When He had completed His work at the buffing wheel He flicked the fork many times next to His ear. The note was very loud, very strong and very sharp. He seemed pleased with His work. I was very amazed as there are no sounds on planet earth that sounded like what I was hearing. Then the Lord again began to walk to another place and I knew I was to follow Him.

I was very happy. I followed Him and as we were walking His clothes were changing! It seemed that with every step His apparel changed until He was no longer wearing workman’s clothes but He was wearing a tuxedo. It was a very classy tuxedo and very extravagant. We stood once more at a door but this door was not like the last doors. It was a set of double doors that stood very high and very wide. The carving on the doors was very ornate and seemed extravagant as well. As the Lord began to step towards the doors they opened. He never touched them! They just opened as if they were waiting for Him to come. The doors opened with a very great noise. It was a loud fearful noise, an awesome noise, but the sense of expectation and excitement inside of me made me want to go in. As I followed the Lord, into this room, I was to see that this was not a room at all! It looked like an extremely large football stadium. It was a stadium larger than any on earth. It was straight on both sides and round at the end forming a giant horseshoe shape. It was several thousand levels high. The seats did not contain people at all; In fact, the seats were not really seats at all. All of the levels, all of the rows and all of the seating were gleaming with shiny bronze tuning forks.

There were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them. For a moment I felt a little embarrassed that I had thought that I was God’s only tuning fork. He obviously had a few more. I noticed a couple of hundred levels from the bottom of the stadium near the end, in the rounded part, that there was an empty slot, for another tuning fork. The Lord walked to this slot and put me into the slot.

It seemed funny to me that this stadium was so large in my eyes but, to the Lord, it was like a scale model. After placing me in my slot the Lord turned and walked back to the front of the stadium in the direction of the doors. He turned and faced the stadium with a serious look on His face. There was a still silence and a crackling sense of expectation in the air. It was like a lot of other moments that I had felt when I was with the Lord; very fearful, very awesome, and yet more excitement than I could stand.

As the Lord stood looking toward the stadium with the serious look on His face, it was like He was waiting for a moment, a moment that only He knew. Then suddenly He raised His arms and extended them. It was at this moment that I knew what the purpose of this stadium was. This stadium was a large instrument that was to be played by hand. Its length, width, and breadth were so large that only the arms of the Lord could span the distance of this enormous instrument. He began to play. The song was so intricate, so beautiful, so loud and so awesome that it sounded like even ten thousand people could not have played something this difficult with this much precision. Some tuning forks were struck many times during the song and some only once or twice but all were necessary to create the sound of the song. This song, this beautiful awesome song, was not just any song, it was the song of the end of the ages played on the saints whose lives had been, are, and will be spent for the purposes of God.

In His Service,
Daniel Paul Hoskins

And they cried out with a loud voice, saying, ” How long, O Lord, Holy and True, will you refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth? And there was given to each of them a white robe; and they were told that they should rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed even as they had been would be completed also.” (Revelation 6:10,11)

P.S. Yes the double doors leading into the stadium are indeed the back side of the dam, the Lord has just now revealed this to me.