Breaking the Dam


My vision begins:  I am flying above Israel in the Spirit.  Looking down and viewing the Sea of Galilee below.  The Lord then spoke to me and said, “This is a fresh water lake, the water is good to drink.”  I knew that this sea represented a holding place of truth, which was strange to me as the Sea of Galilee had always represented the pit, or the abyss, in the teaching that I am accustomed to hearing.  Then I began to follow the Jordan River out of the Sea of Galilee.  As I followed the river I understood that this represented truth flowing out of a holding place.  It is almost like he Sea of Galilee represented all the truth that man has come to understand by revelation of the Holy Spirit and revelation from the Word of God.  The Jordan river was like all of the teaching from pastors, teachers, audio and video tapes, books, radio programs, and all sources of available teaching.  As I followed the Jordan River for quite a while, I came to the Dead Sea.

I could smell the Dead Sea before I actually saw it! The smell was putrid and very rank.  As I flew over the Dead Sea I could see salt encrusted on rocks, tree stumps and other objects that were sticking out of the water.  It seemed so dismal and dead.  I was very grieved about this sight and I wanted to know what caused the condition.  As soon as the question hit my heart, I knew the answer; this was the church, the salt that was meant to go out into all the world was being held and contained in a confined area with no outlet; It wasn’t going anywhere!  As sorrow and grief filled my heart, I continued to fly over the Dead (church) Sea.  I looked and I could see the end of this Dead Sea.  It was stopped or restrained by a large object which appeared to be a wall.  I flew around the right side of the object and I landed about 30 yards in front of this wall on the dry side of the Dead Sea. I looked up at the wall and realized it wasn’t a wall at all but rather a great dam made up of two giant flood gates that were firmly clasped together with a giant black lock.  As I looked at these ominous and intimidating flood gates I was filled with indignation. These gates were massive probably 200 ft. high and approximately 500 ft. across.  The smell and the feel of the flood gates were very familiar to me.  It was the smell and the feel of religion, control and pride.  It was the smell and the feel of Jezebel.  I felt as if I wanted to tear them down right then and there. The flood gates spoke to me and said, “We are here to prevent a great disaster from happening.  If this water were to be let loose without being governed properly it would create a disaster of monumental proportions.”  I was filled with such indignation and frustration.  I was confused and could not explain why the flood gates were even there.

After a while I realized there was very little that I could do about the flood gates or the black lock.  I just turned around and found something to occupy myself.  In turning around I noticed a great dry river bed leading from the gates.  At first, I wasn’t sure if it was a river bed or a lake bed because it was so large.  Then as I looked at my hands I noticed that I was carrying two objects.  One object was a chisel called “Truth” that actually had the word ‘truth’ engraved on it.  The other was a large hammer called “Spirit” it also bore the inscription of its name.  I wasn’t sure what to do with these objects so I just began using them to carve out large sections in the river bed.  I thought that I would help prepare this river for the work that God would do because I was sure that there was no way that God would put up with those flood gates much longer.  After some time of futilely carving large trails across the river bed I was startled by a voice behind me.  I knew that voice because whenever I heard it my spirit and soul were both as excited as they have ever been.  A great feeling of expectation and a reverent fear filled me.  It was the voice of the Lord!

I knew He was standing behind me!  He said, “Daniel, what are you doing?”  I said, “Lord, I am adding depth and breadth to this dry river bed with Spirit and Truth.”  He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me towards the flood gates.  He pointed at the black lock.  At this moment, I was aware of what the black lock was and its dark purpose.  The black lock was the lies and deception that are used by Jezebel (the religious spirit) to keep them in place.  The Lord said to me, “Use Spirit and Truth on the black lock.”

So, I flew up to the black lock, grabbing it with my feet and I began to labor away with Spirit and Truth.  It was then, that I noticed, that there were several other people doing the same thing.  I did not see them until I myself began to work on the black lock.

The flood gates were screaming at us, saying, “Who authorized you to do this?  You are working against God!  You are blaspheming heaven!  You are unloving and cruel! You are rebellious and shall be judged!” These lies kept pouring forth and the flood gates of religion continued to assail us, trying to stop us, but the harder I worked with Spirit and Truth, the less their words affected me.

Part Two

After it had been some time since I had seen the vision of the flood gate, not really knowing how it ended or what happened, I received the second part of the revelation in a different vision.  This time I was flying over a long, long, long beach. The beach was covered with hundreds of thousands of large black dots. As I got closer to the beach I could see that these black dots were actually large circles of men.  They were dressed in suit clothing but their clothing varied from circle to circle.  Each group surrounded a chalk board, or a writer board, or a large set of blue prints.  They were writing mathematical formulas, studying plans, or writing theories about surfing.  That’s right, surfing.  The kind of surfing that is done in the ocean.  There theories and formulas were very complex but the funny thing was none of them appeared to be dressed to surf.  In fact, I did not see even one surf board!

Just then a large wave came onto the beach it rolled over and up the sand.  The water came to about to knee height of the men that were the closest to the ocean.  The ones farthest from the water were hit at about ankle level by the water.  Yet, not one man seemed to even notice the water.  Then I saw thousands upon thousands of surfers on the beach dripping and soaking wet with the Spirit of God.  They had just rode the wave onto the beach.  Most of them had long hair and they were wearing love beads, peace symbols plus many were wearing sunglasses with funky hats.  I knew this to be the Jesus movement of the 1970′s.  It was real revival!

These surfers immediately began to approach the groups of men standing around with their chalk boards.  They began telling the men about the experiences that had just had. They were telling them all about their ride on the waves, using all kinds of surfing lingo and slang. This went on for a short time.  Then suddenly the men in the groups turned to the surfers and began to condemn them, they were saying, “You don’t know anything about surfing!  We are the surfing experts!  If you want to know something about surfing, learn it from us!”

Many of the surfers went away.  Many others conformed and became just like the men around the chalk boards.  Others joined existing groups, and some creating there own groups. There were some that even created groups that were not committed to Jesus Christ at all.

Then I heard the Lord say, “The next wave that comes in will be so large and so powerful that everything on the beach will be removed!  Whoever comes riding the wave in will be the ones standing on the beach.” Then the Lord explained to me that before this happens he would direct the men on the beach to take up their surf boards, paddle out into the sea and wait on Him for the great thing that He would do. I somehow knew that only a few would respond because some of those that paddled out would feel like they had wasted their time and would return to the beach.  Others would paddle out, get tired or disillusioned, and stop short of the distance required to ride the wave in.  Still there were many others that would take up their surf boards, stand at the edge of the water either peering out into the sea or calling friends to come with them and still they would never actually get in the water with there surf boards.

As I continued to consider all these things, I continued looking at the beach.  Suddenly, I saw in front of me the flood gates again!  It was almost as if I was looking at a split screen.  On one side of the screen I could see the beach covered with men and on the other side of the screen I could see the large group of people including myself feverishly hammering and chiseling away at the black lock.  I noticed, however, something different about the people working on the black lock. There was something different about them than the last time that I had seen them. All of them including myself were clutching surf boards with their feet and somehow being suspended in the air as they continued to work at the lock. Then I knew in myself what was to happen.

I was filled with thrilling excitement and so much hope I couldn’t stand it.  I knew that when the lock broke the flood gates would fly apart and be dashed to pieces.  The water would come through the flood gates with a massive force like a tidal wave.  I heard the Lord speak to me again but this time it was from inside of me instead of outside of me.  He said, “All who labored in obedience to what I told them to do will ride the fore front of this wave.”  I knew that this wave would go all the way to that beach that I had seen in my other vision, that we would meet up with all those who obeyed the Lord and paddled out into the ocean and there would be a new day of the church. The church age as we have known it will end and the church will rise up as the Bride.

Later I heard the Lord say to me, “I the Father had my 12, twelve tribes and they were cut off.  From the stump came a Holy seed, a new shoot, my beloved Son.  And He had his 12, twelve Apostles.”  I knew that there was another twelve coming and it would be a work by the Holy Spirit according to the Word of God but I do not know what twelve this will be.  I do, however, know that though the new thing will come out of the old thing it will in no way resemble, look like, or operate like the old thing.

There will be a new church it will be a Holy Bride without blemish, without spot and without wrinkle.

In His service,
Daniel Paul Hoskins                                                      *Baal Perazim  (2 Samuel 5:20)