The Beginning of the End (A challenge)

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on Zionfire. I have wanted to put up a new posting for a long time but what I wanted to post seemed to be so out of place on this site. Most of what I have posted here is Biblical or Spiritual revelation and most of that has been topics that have been either tough or challenging for the Church. Although it is ironic that most of what I have posted doesn’t seem to be as challenging for those outside the Church.
Today I wanted to address something a little ‘outside the box’. So I will begin by saying that unless you have been living in another dimension, in a coma, or totally asleep for the last 10 or 20 years, you will notice that the United States and the rest of the ‘civilized’ world is on a crash course with a New World Order. We as Christians know that the end times are coming just as the book of Revelation, Daniel, Amos, and many other Prophets have revealed. Some Christians think that these times are a long way off and we wont see these things during our life on Earth. My response to that is, “are you absolutely deaf, blind, and spiritually dead!!!!!” For one it is hard for me to believe that there is a people that are so focused on themselves and their own personal safety and comfort that they would want their children or grandchildren to face the anti-christ and the New World Government so they didn’t have to. Secondly if you have read the Word of God concerning the events of the end times then you know without a shadow of a doubt that we are seeing these events unfold before our very eyes.
Also for many of you who have studied the history of the United States, and Europe you know that there have been a great number of events that have already occurred over the last few hundred years that have set the stage for a World with the technology and ability for a few extremely wicked and satanically controlled people to rule the World. I would really like to write lengthy articles(I still may do that) and make a few videos on the subject, but I thought I would open this can of worms with a challenge. This is a challenge to those who believe that we are living in the end times(or the beginning of the end, if you wish) and to those who do not believe it, but are open to listening to another point of view.
I am going to post a series of videos that explain to anyone the true condition of America and the rest of the World. These videos will explain many of the conditions of our Governments, financial systems, and social ideologies that are making it possible for us to fall so hard, so fast. I mean have you ever wondered why a ‘free’ Country like America with such a strong Constitution and Bill of Rights could completely unravel into a Socialist tyranny throwing away their inalienable rights for ridiculous lies, and do it all in one generation? Why are we not putting up more of a fight? Have even we who believe been mentally trained to lay down all that we love and hold dear to go along with this wicked plan?
I challenge you as I took this very same challenge myself a couple of years ago, to watch these videos and discover what I did. See if you can watch these videos and walk away unchanged in your mind and in your heart.
Some will question why I would post something like this on a site dedicated to Gospel teaching and truth, but I will tell you that I feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to tell people what is happening and to expose what has been overtaking us for so long.

Video 1)  Agenda 21 the grinding down of America

Video 2) The Fall of the Republic (full version)

Video 3) America Freedom to Fascism

Video 4) Iron Mountain – The Blueprint for tyranny

In addition to these four Documentaries I also want to add two more. These two documentaries are shorter and are specifically aimed at teaching us what happened and how it happened step-by-step so that all the blanks are filled. It was just a few years ago that I began learning about all this stuff and my eyes were really opened up as to what was happening in the World around me, giving me a new sense of urgency about the times in which we live. Some people will argue that we should focus on the ‘positive’ things and not worry about the ‘scary’ things that are going on around us. Well all I have to say is that if we really are a people of faith then our reaction to truth will not be fear, and we will not need sweet little lies to keep our spirit happy(what kind of spirit is that anyway). So if you are like me and really like detailed teaching on the things you learning then you will really like these two short documentaries. I will say as a kind of warning from the get go that the second documentary ‘The collapse of the American dream’ does have a couple of references or scenes that I personally feel aren’t appropriate for children, however it never goes overboard. The reason I am including this documentary is because it is so good at explaining the truth through animation concerning exactly what has happened to the America we all believe truly existed. I guarantee you that if you take the time to even watch half of these documentaries you will begin to see what is happening to our Country in a whole new light. Then after seeing these things I challenge you to read the Book of Revelation without seeing it in a whole new light as well.

Video 5) Money as Debt

Video 6)The collapse of the American dream

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  1. shale7 says:

    It seems like many people are asleep and don’t want to be disturbed…

    There may be less time than most of us realize…

  2. 1doree says:

    Thank you so much for this post! My wife and I were just talking about sharing how we feel and what we know about the same things you posted here!. We have been awake for quite some time now and lately The Lord has been showing us more and more about this. I pray the rest of the world will wake up to what is coming and to what is already here and happening now. I pray The Lord will keep you and strengthen you in the name of our beautiful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank God for people like you my brother, who will stand up for truth. Bless you my brother. Ps… We always look forward to your post….

    This here below is a word The Lord gave to my wife a few weeks ago to share with all Endtime Watchmen of The Lord. Be blessed!

    This is for you…..

    As I go to and for in the earth I can see, hear,and feel my watchmen you sound my alarm for repentance ,holiness , truth and my judgment yet to come.
    So for this I thank you, love you and will always ABIDE WITH YOU EVEN UNTIL THE END
    Thank you for

    DYING while others where INDULGING
    AWAKING while others where SLEEPING
    STANDING while others where FALLING
    PROCLAIMING while others where MOCKING
    EXPOSING while others where DECEIVING
    BOLDNESS while others where EMBARRASSED
    DECLARING while others where DENYING

    surely you will dwell in the house of The Lord forever and ever


    Please feel free to share this with other end time watchmen GOD lays on your heart. :-)

    Your brother and sister in Christ.

  3. Flushedhurdle says:

    I, too, appreciate articles like these. Some of us see the enemy’s playbook and are aware what is now and why it is by God’s hand. For a long time, the church has been and for the most part still is, sound asleep. This ministry, I have followed since the early 90′s. God has used this ministry to educate and articulate what and why I believe.

  4. andre says:

    Fascinating stuff, topics and content which is increasingly shared by people in the “prophetic” movement or otherwise of the charismatic stripe. I simply have a problem with the conclusions that “the end is near.” Which end are we talking about? Here is how I see it:

    Israel is at the heart of everything. There are many prophecies left to be fulfilled regarding Israel and until they are, the end of days will not come, and Yeshua will not return. We don’t know the day or the hour, but we can speculate about the season. For all we know, we could be 20, 50 or 200 years away from that end. God is not waiting for the systems of the world to crash, but for His people to be where He needs them to be. Unless Israel is at the core of our equations, it is my opinion that we are missing a big chunk of the end-times drama.



    • A bit crazy, but I just saw this comment for the first time. And I wanted to respond as I think your comment is important. First of all I want you to know that I agree with you , Israel is the very center of all Bible prophecy concerning the Nations. However, I will say that there are only a very few Bible prophecies left concerning Israel, and all of them are within reach right at this very moment, including the building of the third Temple on the Temple mount which will be part of the peace treaty between Israel and the anti-christ. If you have studied the temple Institute in Jerusalem as I know you most likely have then you know that all of the Temple furniture, vestments, and even the ashes of the red-Heifer are set to go. In fact Israel all ready has trained the Sanhedrin, and the Priests so that they will be ready to begin the sacrifices as soon as the Temple is built. As far as the World climate and the Nations surrounding Israel, well, it all looks the way it has been foretold. As far as God not wanting the World systems to crash, I disagree with that one. Jesus is wanting to establish His Kingdom on Earth in a literal physical way and in order to do that He will make war with the Nations and overcome them and He will do it with an extreme zeal for His Bride, knowing that all Kingdoms must be in subjection to His own(His return on the White Horse). Consider Revelation 18 in which a Nation identified as Babylon is completely destroyed(I personally believe for many reasons this is America), what is the attitude God commands of us in response to this total annihilation of a Nation and it’s people? Well just take a look at verse 20, who is commanded to rejoice at the judgement and destruction of this Nation? All of Heaven is, and we know Heaven isn’t full of evil or malice or hatred, but they rejoice at God’s will being exacted. Also on Earth the Saints, the Apostles, and the Prophets(yup Bible says they exist in end times), they are also commanded to rejoice over God pronouncement of judgement over this Nation on behalf of His people. And we know Heaven asked for things like this to occur(Revelation 6: 10-11) and on Earth (Revelation 8:4-6). When we don’t come into agreement with Gods will being exacted we become like Peter rebuking Jesus because He though that even God would be opposed to Jesus being treated in the way he was going to be, and that the cross was not something God would desire. I mean do you think Peter would have rebuked Jesus if he thought God was in agreement with Jesus? But the truth is that the brutal sacrifice of the Son of the living God was the will of God and it was done that Jesus would receive unto Himself an inheritance far beyond what he was to receive from the rebellious Nation of Israel(and yes they are still a rebellious Nation who receives Gods blessing for His namesake only). As far as the Charismatic prophetic movement, they won’t listen to anything that they feel is negative, including the truth about the condition of America.
      My intent with these videos is not to tell people everything that coincides with end times prophecy(there are to many layers) but to reveal to them that their own Nation and it’s condition is not what they previously thought. Many well meaning Christians all over America believe that America is synonymous with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that we are a source of good around the World and that no matter what the USA does around the World that it is good in the eyes of God, that even includes any war we declare, any bombing we perform, and any ‘ethnic cleansing’ we idly stand by and watch. They do not realize that even though our Nation has brought the Gospel to many other Nations and has been the source of many good things that we are also a source of many of the abominations that plague the World right now. We are the Nation that opened many of the gateways of evil that now cover the Earth. I believe it is important for American Christians to open their eyes and see what is going on in America. But as far as Israel goes,….I will tell you the truth, more will happen in Israel in the next two years than has happened in Israel since 1947.

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