Is now the time?

Is now the time???

The bride is now beginning a shift, most of the Church is beginning to see that the end is approaching on a new and faster timeline. I thought I would chime in with just a couple of things(although not everything) that reveals that this day like no other is the time for the end of the ages and that the stage is already set.

For one, many people will say that the spirit of anti-Christ has risen many times before but the end of the ages did not come in their day. This is true but the answer to that is a very simple one,….crucial end time prophecies had not yet been fulfilled during the times of those anti-Christ leaders. For example lets take a leader like Adolf Hitler, He did carry the spirit of anti-Christ and had fulfilled some of the prophecies of the coming anti-Christ he even escaped a failed assassination bombing where it was rumored that he actually died but managed to revive, this is why his later pictures show damage to one side of his face. Many thought Adolf Hitler was the prophesied anti-Christ, but in a closer examination of his time and day we realize that this was impossible,…why? Because we know that before the anti-Christ comes, Israel will be reformed to become a Nation again after its long exile,…..this had obviously not happened in Adolf Hitlers time. But after Hitlers death, and the end of the war, and the end of the persecution of the Jews, we know that Israel once again became a Nation. We also know that the Bible says that the image of the beast will be in every household and that the anti-Christ will be able to speak to the entire world simultaneously. Obviously this was not possible in Hitlers time. But today with satellite television, and computer technology,….it is possible. We know that the anti-Christ will force the people of the world to receive a mark that will contain the number 666 and that without this mark the people will not be able to buy or sell anything,….well,….check out the MSN list of top 20 technologies that we will see in 2010. That’s right the implantable identification chip for humans(veri-chip) made number 2 on the list, the chip uses the old technology of the bar code for initial access to the chips data bank,…and,…the verification of the bar code is,….you guessed it,…six hundred and sixty six. Those are just some of the technologies and events that point to this day and time being different than any of the other times that the spirit of anti-Christ arose. This is why those times could have never been the stage for the events of the last days, why just imagine the anti-Christ trying to build the prophesied new temple in Jerusalem before the re-establishment of the state of Israel. It would have been like building a golden palace in the middle of the desert, no one would have even been interested in such a venture at that time,….but now,….it will be one of the biggest events in modern history,…and the moment when the anti-Christ stands on the mercy seat and proclaims himself to be the Messiah will probably be one of the most televised moments of all time.

Look at just a couple of other examples of the worlds readiness to receive the anti-Christ and to embrace the events of the last days.
Just look at the relationship between Barak Obama and Oprah Winfrey,….sounds like nothing right? Well lets examine it for just a minute. Oprah Winfrey has become one of the greatest spiritual leaders in American history,…not that it’s a good thing. She has had more popularity and acceptance as a spiritual leader in our nation than just about any other Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, or messenger of any kind. She has also twisted and perverted true Biblical doctrine to the delight of many luke warm ‘Christians’ in America and across the globe.
Now what does that have to do with Barak Obama and the end times,…well,…Oprah Winfrey layed down her own super star celebrity status, and her own image of greatness to support Barak Obama, she did not exalt herself but rather poured her own resources into Barak Obama while humbly sitting in the crowd watching him become the President of the United States. What does that have to do with the end times? Well, it shows us a condition,…it shows us that the world is now ready to receive the pattern of the false prophet and the anti-Christ. The false prophet will be a great spiritual leader who will perform many great miracles and deceive many, but he will lay down his own greatness to exalt the anti-Christ, and the world is now displaying its hunger and willingness to see that happen.
Barak Obama now gives speeches in which he mocks the Bible and teachings of the Bible, he openly calls for a one world religion where we can all come together over common teachings of every spiritual discipline(ironically so do many of our churches). Just like Oprah Winfrey, Obama rejects the truth that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, and he makes it well known that that kind of thinking is not only discouraged, but he purveys the idea that it is immoral. And guess what,….America loves it so,….including so many ‘Christians’.
It is clear to me that the times, the technology, and the mindset of society, is all saying now is the time,….where do you think we are???