Destruction of America

After October 8 (the second blood moon) I will begin again writing articles here on Zionfire. Lately I have been posting videos and even then, very few and far between. The first article that I will write will be to clearly explain through scripture by the Spirit of God what I know will happen to the United States of America, and what we as Christians are called to do during these times. I have had several people ask me over the years if I believe that there is anyone in the world who has been given accurate revelation about the United States and it’s future. So for the last time before the upcoming season of articles I will submit these two videos that I believe have accurate messages. The first is a message by David Wilkerson. The video I will post from him is from a vision he received in the early 70′s, much of the things he says in his message have already very accurately come to pass, but there was no way for him to know without revelation that those things would occur. Some of the other things have not yet come to pass. The second video will seem a bit more ‘out there’ to some folks because it is from a show called The Prophecy Club. I have watched a couple of people on that show before (Dimitri Dudiman, Henry Gruver) both were right on as far as I’m concerned. This video takes a culmination of several prophets from all over the World( none of these people are really well known especially in the perverse ‘prophetic movement’) and compares what these people are saying over the years.


David Wilkerson 1973 prophecy


Destruction of America

Peace, Safety and Destruction

“I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.” [Psalm 4:8]

While we anxiously wait for the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to return, we have found a nice soft place to sit, put our feet up and watch the clouds drift by. Life rolls along while we take our kids to soccer and mow our lawns. We can easily see events that are signs of the times, even if we try to hide our head in the sand or plug our ears and sing. There are critical things going on all around us that, as much as we may try, still cannot be brushed away. [Read more...]