The Abomination of False Balance


It was during a time in my life of a great move of God and yet so many grueling trials at the same time, (I’m sure many reading this will be able to relate.) I was sitting in my bedroom just waiting on God, you know… it’s that moment when you have prayed all you can pray, taken in enough of the word that you aren’t even thinking about what your reading anymore. You’ve talked the ears off of anyone who has dared to believe the promises of God with you, and now….you’re just waiting.

It was at this moment, when the Holy Spirit showed me something so amazing and yet so…well…different. What He said shook me right down to the foundations of my religious strongholds. I know…you don’t have any right…unh hunh. But, as for me, I love it when the Holy Ghost shakes up my world, it is at times (as you well may know) very painful, but the revelation and the freedom of the experience is so worth it.

As I was sitting, waiting, I drifted off in the spirit. I looked up and saw an amazingly large bronze stand…I didn’t know what the stand was for at first… but, I did know that it was for holding something. The bronze stand had a large round base, it was made of many ornate sections all up and down its length (30 feet or so), and at the top it had an oval cage made of four thin bronze bars with an ornate bronze decoration on top of the bars. Inside the bronze cage was an oval black onyx stone (about the size of a football). The cage, and the stone together, looked like the claw and ball feet I’ve seen with antique furniture, except for this cage was completely encased the onyx. On the onyx stone were written two words. They were not in English, but I knew the words(you can read them in the spirit), the words were “False Balance,” and “Abomination”.

As I was wondering about the stand, (what was its purpose, and why was I seeing this?) I suddenly became aware of another feature of the stand that was now appearing before my eyes. The stand was being fitted with scales…you know…the kind of scales used for weights and measures. There was a long tipping rod attached underneath the onyx stone, and two large bronze plates hung from bronze chains at each end of the tipping rod.

What I saw (and heard) next was so different that it caught me completely off guard. I saw that one plate on one side of the scales had been completely filled with manure…you know…poop, loads of it, until it would have spilled over the edges of the plate if any more were added. Even though this tremendous stinking mass filled one side of the scales, they remained balanced equally. Then I looked at the empty plate, and wondered what gave it the ability to balance against the weight of the manure; was the plate thicker than the other, was it heavier, etc. That is when I heard the Holy Ghost speak something to me that was so different that, at first, I wasn’t even sure it was Him. I knew the voice, but my little religious mind couldn’t quite handle what He was saying, and I didn’t know why He was saying it. Man, did I have something to learn. He said, “They wish in one hand, and crap in the other, and then wait to see which one fills up first”.

It took me a moment to get myself together, as all the before mentioned emotions and thoughts were assailing me. However, when I was done freaking out, the Holy Ghost was right there ready to blow me away with more. He explained to me that the bronze stand represented the religious church, and that the “empty” plate was full of the prayers, and the faith of those in the church who have put their faith totally and entirely on the word of God. The plate full of poop represents all of the church programs designed to do the work of God, but that were never conceived by the word of God, or empowered by faith in the word of God.

Then I heard the abomination…it was a voice…you know that phony car salesman voice that you’re supposed to receive with a degree from Bible school. The voice was a man that I perceived to be a pastor. The man explained (his explanation very wordy and somewhat humorous) that the poop wasn’t necessarily from God, but…then he mockingly snickered at the plate full of faith and said…”but hey at least we’ve got something to show for what we’ve done”. Then I heard the man continue on to say that he had a revelation,… that in order for the poop to have power it must be blessed by God…then I saw the plate of faith being dumped upside down over the pile of crap. It was so grievous, so arrogant in its blatant disrespect for the true relationship of faith between God and His children.

Then I listened, as I began to hear this arrogant man begin to preach a sermon about “balance”. As if his latest abomination was actually revelation from God!

Proverbs 11:1 says…A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight.

So who’s responsibility is the just weight???

Proverbs 16:11 says … A just balance and scales belong to the Lord; all the weights of the bag are His concern.

Proverbs 20 verses 10 and 23 continue to reiterate that same message.

The Church that is coming…you know, the Church of the end of the ages…The Bride. This coming Church won’t walk in the abomination of man made balance. Trust me you will never find a church that walks in the power of God that believes that faith is just a fairy tale wish, and that the real work is found in the powerless programs of men.

You won’t ever again hear the phrase, “when a man is so heavenly minded he isn’t any earthly good”. Believe me when I tell you that earthly good doesn’t raise the dead, cleanse the leapers, heal the sick, cast out demons, or preach the gospel to the poor.

True balance is found in the Lord Himself. He, and He alone will let the Church know if we are too far over the edge. The only humans that will be scared of that statement are control freak religious devils who really can’t believe that their discernment of balance isn’t just the Holy Spirit Himself. But, so that you know… in the last two thousand years, the church has never gotten beyond God or gotten so far out of control that He couldn’t handle it, and in fact the only times the church has really gotten out there on the cutting edge of God’s balance …….. we ended up on crosses. His idea of ‘out there’ is apparently a little farther than our ‘balance’ will allow.

In His Service


‘Balance’ is not a fruit or gift of the Spirit, nor is it a teaching of God. It is Taoist ideology, best known for the symbolism Yin and Yang (a little evil, a little good).
Adding the yin and yang symbol to the cross doesn’t make a better Christianity,… it makes a perverse Christianity. – Daniel Paul