Political Salvation


Written a few months before the Election of Barak Obama…..

Changing our President won’t change our country as much as changing our country will change our President (or at least the President we choose). Do we really think that the Republican party will be more of a salvation to our Nation than Jesus Christ? I tell you the truth,….there is just as much corruption in the Republican party as there is in the Democratic party,…it’s just that the Republican party does pretend that Godliness is important to them as a party by getting candidates who have some level of faith in Jesus(notice they still have more faith in horses and chariots than in Jesus). But still,….we as a people seem to do more to get a ‘Christian’ champion elected, then we do to get the name of Jesus Christ glorified. We will campaign way harder for a leader of our democracy, than we will for the King of our Kingdom. We will pray more fervently for our salvation from liberal policies than we will for the salvation of the liberals. We call on more people to pray for an election than we will for the strength of the elect.

And why????……because we believe more in the Republican party to bring us salvation than we believe in Jesus Christ.

Vote your conscience, do what you feel is right,….but understand this,…..Barak Obama isn’t the problem,…..he is the result of our failure. We have sat on the sidelines watching the United States of America turn from Jesus for way too long. We keep trying to fix the result of the problem instead of addressing the root cause.

If you could force this Nation to stop doing all the bad things it does, and force this Nation to do all the right things it should do,….guess what,….you really would not have changed that much! Because the heart of this Nation would still be desperately wicked, and the revolt of that wickedness against our LAW would be worse than the former condition. First clean the inside of the cup,….the heart must change or our laws will be worthless(wicked hearts will change those laws anyway)

We have just had eight years of the most extreme conservative leader we could have hoped for,…..did he save us from evil? I mean do you not know or have you not been informed that before we went into Iraq that Iraq was the easiest Muslim Nation to preach the Gospel in? And now over a million Christians have been killed in Iraq while we just sit by and watch,….we justify these killings by calling them ethnic cleansing and we the U.S.A. wont get into their internal affairs(like attacking their nation wasn’t violation of this rule). And why are the Muslim extremists killing Christians in Iraq??? Because they know what Christianity will do to their Nation and they fear it more than they fear our President. But it is our President who needlessly put the spotlight on these Christians and one of their best Gospel harvest fields in the world,…did he really do this to glorify God? Do the Republicans(who love this war) do they really believe that the death of all these Christians was for a greater Godly good,……nope,….they just did it for personal gain. And how do I know that? Well a little history lesson about the U.S. and Iraq can be helpful. Just go back to Americas first invasion of Iraq,…we actually stopped Israel from allying with three neighboring Muslim Nations including Saudi Arabia and going into Iraq and taking out Saddam Hussein, this would have been the answer to so many problems we faced then and now. It would have been a huge start to the Mid East peace process, it would have been the end of Saddam Hussein, and it wouldn’t have cost us hardly any thing,….but,….wealthy American oil tycoons wouldn’t have made hardly anything either. So we stopped one of the best international turning points ever to kill a bunch of people for money,….and then try to make it look like we are fixing the problems we stopped the solutions for. So I don’t believe for a minute that I am in alignment with God because I voted for a Republican.

So what am I saying,…”don’t vote for Republicans?”,….NO I am not saying that at all.

I am saying this,…vote your conscience but know this,….If you are a Christian then the United States of America is not your Kingdom it is your residence on Earth. And the President is not your King Jesus is,…and your President is not the answer to your problems Jesus is,….if this is not true then God has no power and we are all liars.

Really the reason we want to vote for ‘the most Christian of the two’ is because we are hoping that they will hold back the tide of evil for just a few years more so our children can face it instead of our cowardly selves. We are hoping we will stop the rise of the anti-christ(something God will bring to power not us, because He said He would). The the thing I find the most annoying about this mentality is this,….most Christians when asked will tell you that they want a ‘good’ guy in office so that we will have more of an opportunity to bring the message of the Gospel to our Nation in those four years than we would have under a ‘bad’ guy. OK,…well,….we just had eight years under your last good guy,…..how does our nation look? Are we more or less Godly than we were eight years ago?