Paul Washer Mocks the ‘Modern Gospel’

This is a short clip of an amazing message by Paul Washer on the error of Modern Evangelism versus the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can find the full message here –

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  1. mormor says:

    havent listened to this yet, but just wanted to know are you doing calibration block part 3?

  2. Funny you should mention that! I actually started really getting to work on part 3 during this Labor Day weekend(started Thursday night). God knows I really need encouragement right now and your comment was more encouragement than you know. Thank you so much,…I’ll get back to work.

  3. mormor says:

    Paul Washer very good, i nearly cried at the end. I need to listen to it again. Glad my comment was an encouragement to you Daniel, I have been looking for part three for ages , and thought right it’s time to ask !
    Now get to it my friend! I will pray for you. blessings .

    • Ok, I have finished the first draft, I did it different than you might suspect but it is done well. It should be out by Tuesday at the latest but hopefully sooner.

    • Ok, I have had it done for a few days now, but I am just putting on the finishing touches with this very different form of media, you’ll see why when I post it. So the article is done but getting it on this page is turning out to be the challenge, I dont think you will be dissapointed in the result(I hope not).

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