Is it really that hard to believe?

All living things are built with DNA encoding which is the instructions for cells to become the life form that the DNA has determined it to be. All cells are made up of compounds, chemicals, and minerals that are ultimately found in simple dirt. If you put a seed into the ground it will become what its DNA encoding was inside the seed, it could be the most poisonous plant in the world or the most nutritious vegetable, it could be a giant oak tree or a blade of grass, and all of these draw their building blocks from dirt and water as they grow, and when they die they eventually become dirt again. The Bible says that God made man from the dirt of the ground and true to the Word we can find all of our composition contained in the right handful of dirt, also that all things living are made up of DNA, and cells no matter what life form it is or what environment it inhabits…..Is it really that hard to see God in all of this, is it really that far out there?

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