Fishermen Fish,..or do they?


I still have a couple more of the old blogs that I really liked before I get into the new stuff,..and there is a lot of new stuff.

This is a compiling of a post that I put up on FaceBook, thought it was cool how it came together.

 Fishermen Fish... Or Do They?

Fishermen Fish,..or do they?

Fishermen catch fish by definition, it would be strange to find a person calling themselves a fisherman who never catches any fish nor has any desire to do so. What if you had an entire building full of people just like this who meet once a week in the name of being fishermen and to talk about catching fish,…but yet they never do it,..and in fact they steer clear of those who do,….and,….they even hate the smell of fish.
To further make this phenomenon strange, these very same ‘fishermen’ have fishing conferences once or twice a year to teach them how to fish better and to honor a few people who still fish(but just not where they can be seen).
Stranger yet is that they like to keep just a couple of token fishermen in their population(usually young people), they define these people as ‘immature’ and ‘radical’ because they are fishermen who still actually catch fish. The ‘radical’ or employed of the ‘mature’ fishermen usually find their best efforts are spent creating other new fishermen who learn the maturity of not fishing.
There is a lot more I could say about this but I’m tired it’s late and a new fishing season is about to start.
I’ve heard rumors that this will be one of the last fishing seasons ever,….if you’ve never caught any before you might start sharpening your hook, and preparing your net, maybe you have talent at fishing,…..and you definatly don’t want to get caught burying your talent.

….A few posts later,….
You will notice that most people have no problem telling you what they think is a good product to buy, and use, and why it is soooo good. Some people tell you all about their favorite sports team and why they are the best, and why they believe in their sports team so much.
People tell you about the things that are important to them, they tell you about the things they believe in, and they tell you what works. How can a people testify to you something they don’t believe in, something that really isn’t that important to them, or something that that don’t think actually works? I guess my biggest question is this,…If you don’t catch fish and have no desire to do so, are you really a fisherman at all?
The desire to ‘catch fish’ really is kinda like the fruits of the Spirit. You can’t make the fruits on your own, but if Christ is really in you they will not be able to be stopped from growing on you. In the same way If Christ is really in you you will not be able to stop revealing Him to everyone around you. And thus Christ will make us fishers of men(if we are really in Him).
Its funny but many ‘Christians’ will say that sharing your faith is some kind of special gift and that it may take training to walk in the gift properly,…and yet, look how many in the Bible after being touched by Jesus became instant evangelists for the Kingdom. It was a demon possessed man who was cured by Jesus that brought the cities of the Decapolous to Jesus when they originally told Jesus Himself to leave. I guess he didn’t need a ‘download’ from a conference, he just needed to believe in, be full of, and empowered by,…Jesus.

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  1. Kajsa Huckaba says:

    Rockin’ post! I agree 100%. If Christ is in you then you are compelled to share the gospel with everyone. As they say, “what is in your heart is on your tongue.”
    I also believe we should be urging believers to come up higher, to continue on in strength, to finish the race set before them.

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