Remember My Faithfulness – Prophetic Word to The Church 8/16/15




Though the stars fall and the mountains tremble, still I am the Lord.

I hear the voice of My people.

I hear the cry of your hearts.

I know what you have walked through and I am with you now.

These times coming are perilous. BUT do not fear.

I have many things planned. All is to bring glory to My name.

Take comfort in Me and remember my faithfulness in the Days to come.





Marriage: How to be married and protect it

When we first become engaged to the woman or man of our dreams, we envision a certain amount of perfection that will follow in our marriage. We see our life filled with smiles, laughter, passionate kisses, maybe some children. We don’t dare imagine life without a few little bumps in the road, because after all we are trying to be honest with ourselves.

What happens after we say “I Do” is where the rubber meets the road. All of our hopes and dreams we have separately, jointly and even unspoken ones… all join together. The brightness of a newly married life and romantic adventure wears off a bit. After years it may fade away completely.

Why would this happen? Why is it accepted as part of the way things are when you get married? We should automatically reject that lie and also then understand that marriage is a life long romance that requires us to be vigilant to guard it and our hearts. [Proverbs 4:23] The enemy of our souls is seeking to kill and destroy and our marriage, Christian Marriage, tops his list of things to destroy.

There are a lot of reasons why he does this. Mainly because marriage is holy before God and he hates everything called holy. Another big reason is that when we are married before the Lord, we are blessed, strong and bonded in unity. Literally that must make the devil’s skin crawl. When we remember all these things, we should stand a bit taller and be ever more committed to protect and strengthen our relationship with our husband or wife.

We know that satan prowls about like a hungry lion and breaking a godly marriage is pretty delicious to him. So, how can we strengthen and protect our marriage from that?

It takes a hard and focused stand on the issue. We must eliminate everything, yes every thing, that comes between the husband and wife relationship. If our marriage is full of bickering there is a struggle for power in the marriage. That will take some serious denying of your flesh and giving God control. If we are spending too much time or too much money on “things” or “hobbies” then cut that out too. Sensual movies, sensual books, victorias secret (soft porn!) have no place in your marriage. Ever. Don’t fool yourself if you think you are not affected by it. Your eyes & heart should only be for your sweetie. God’s word is clear on the matter.

Our children, according to scripture, are NOT ahead of our spouse. The Biblical order to your priorities is

1. God
2. Husband/Wife
3. Ourselves
4. Children
5. Other family, Friends, Serving in Church
6. Exterior world

When we are at worship practice 3 nights a week, playing video games or out with friends frequently, shopping for kicks, on the net chatting or facebooking, texting, at soccer practice & games, pta meetings, television, netflix and so on… we are spending way too much time NOT being married or a family. We have our priorities out of whack.

Of course then, the result is we will have a cascading failure of our marriage and family.
If we take the time to prioritize our walk- God first, Our husband or wife second- then our life will shift back into proper focus. No longer will chaos, busyness, fighting, power struggles, passive aggressive remarks and behavior, sexual problems in the bedroom and our children’s behavior plague us. All of these things do straighten out if we genuinely turn all of this over to the Lord. Sometimes it takes more time than we prefer, but that is part of healing oftentimes.

On the subject of our bedrooms, it is a taboo topic for some reason in the Church. Secret sin abounds in this area and many are hurt and broken-hearted. It is not a place to manipulate, coerce or avoid and make excuses. The marriage bed is pure and holy and good and safe. A place of trust and intimacy. God says so in Song Of Solomon, “Drink deeply!” Passion and romance are very good and He wants us all to have it. When we begin to treat our husband or wife like they are a treasure to us, with honor, with adoration, we will see a change. Make an diligent effort and do it regularly. Progress may be slow at first, but keep praying and keep up the good work. Your marriage is worth it. Every little step counts. If you need help, a fantastic book “The Love Dare” is a good resource.

Calibration Block 3-A,B, and C

It has taken me quite awhile to write part three of this message, I assure you it isn’t because I didn’t want to but this has been a very difficult and somewhat intimidating article to write.  As these articles progress it becomes clear the immensity and depth of our calling and what it means to truly examine ourselves with Christ as the measuring stick. Of course non of us will ever be Jesus, but as Christians we are all called to be like Him and if we are truly His then He is transforming us into His image from glory to glory. However sometimes I think many including myself(more often than I care to mention) forget what, and who glory is. Instead we choose to come up with our own definition of what is Christ-like rather than what truly is like Christ. The only real reason that this happens is because all to often we find another glory, something other than Jesus that captures our attention, our focus, and gains our adoration. It takes alot to care and nurture another glory and it is easy for a person to end up serving another master, and obeying the will of something that is in opposition to the will of God.  In this third part of the calibration block, the will of God is going to be the issue. The question that was posed at the end of part two of the calibration block was, what are the three reasons that Jesus gives that the people of Matthew 7: 21-23 were not allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? These are the people who had prophesied in Jesus name, cast out demons, and in Jesus name had performed many miracles and yet they were not allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven by the very Jesus by whom they had done all these spiritual works. So in review, the three reasons are, 1) They were not doing the will of the Father(even if they were doing the things that are supposed to be done for God). 2) Jesus says He doesn’t even know them. and 3) they practiced lawlessness.  Since these three reasons cover so much space I decided to tackle them one at a time in three separate ‘sub articles’, and since I have had such a hard time writing this final part of the calibration block, I have decided to do this via video rather than write it. The video has it’s challenges but it is the first of many to come, so please click ‘play’ and see if the Word of God and the Spirit of God aren’t speaking the very same things to you.

I am going to add all three of the Calibration Part three videos to this one post so that all three will be stored together. So here is part 3-B. This video has it’s ‘hot spots’ all the way to the end. I really enjoyed this part.

Last but not least here is section C to part three, I hit a couple of side note rabbit trails on this one, but not too bad, and I always get right back to the point, there is some good stuff in this video that you don’t want to miss if you have been watching the series. As far as the rabbit trails, I will get better I promise.

Jenn Johnson and the Gray Scale Deception

Several months ago while browsing through Facebook, I came across this video on one of my friends posts. He posted this video and basically asked what we thought of this teaching. I wasn’t real familiar with Jenn Johnson but I had heard her name before and I knew she was very influential with the younger folks, and with the prophetic revival crowd. I made it through about three minutes of the video before I had to shut it off. I eventually came back and attempted to watch the whole thing but it was difficult, this video was just so grievous. It is so hard to watch the Church move into such deception, literally calling evil ‘good’ and good ‘evil’ which really brings Isaiah 5:20 to mind at the moment. Before I bring anymore of the Bible(The Word of God) into this I think it is important to note that to much of the modern Church you will find it hard to get through to them with the written Word of God. Because they are so sure that they have evolved to a place of such prophetic enlightenment that the Bible is just a book for the religious crowd to beat everyone else over the head with. But as we all know 2 Timothy 3:16 – 4:4 is clear instruction to all Christians concerning the ultimate authorship of our Bible, and how it is to be used,…and,…why. True Holy Spirit breathed teaching and Prophecy spoken from trained and anointed servants of the most high God should be a taken very seriously by the Church and the Ministry as Christ gave His life for His Church and gave a serious charge and responsibility to all who care for the Church in His name. I want to be clear that my aim in this article isn’t just to ‘slam’ another ministry and try to tear down the work of other people, but it is critical to understand that when deception, especially deception this bad comes into the Church it is irresponsible not to address it and it must be addressed at the level that it exists so that it will not spread. If this were just a case of someone ‘missing it’ while trying to do God’s best then there is no way I would mention it to anyone other than the person themself. But when you have a person of this level of influence, from a platform of even a greater level of influence, broadcast into so many different levels of the Church worldwide, then I think the level at which this should be addressed changes a little. As always we should all pray for ministries like these that they would turn repent and really see truth, but until then I think it is very important to speak truth openly so that many may be turned from being sucked into these erroneous doctrines.


So first I will show you the video, then I will give my own response, please feel free to leave your own responses as well,…………




Apparently there was also some issue as to whether Jenn herself was responsible for this kind of teaching or whether she is a victim of the Church doctrine that she is involved in, keep in mind that I began responding to that question before expounding on the rest of the video.

My Response,………

Let not many of you become teachers my brethren, knowing that as such we incur a stricter judgment. James 3:1

She is as at fault as all of them, she is a teacher who claims to be a representative of God and His Word. She assumes that role when taking the place of a teacher in the house of God. She is more dangerous than some of the other teachers because she is so idolized by many impressionable young people, some of the most innocent minds will be taken by this doctrine preached by her more than they would by someone that sounds a little more ‘scientific’.

What she is teaching here is called “relative morality” or “relative truth”. Literally she is calling on people to make judgment calls based on their thoughts, emotions, or their will(their soul) or by using the judgment of their heart. She leads them down a path of judging whether something is black or white,…which really is just another way of saying good or evil. She presents several items that are already judged by God in the Bible such as murder. God already says murder is evil in His Word (although she does not identify the Word of God as the source of that judgment), then she picks “loving everyone’. Jesus already commands us to love our brother as our self, and to love our neighbor as our self, and to love our enemies(notice he didn’t say your enemies were not enemies, He just said love them),…so we know loving people is good because it is the command of God according to the Word of God. Also slander is identified as evil in the Word of God.

The bait and switch

But here is the bait and switch,…this is where it gets tricky,…here is the deception. She did not use the Word of God to identify the things God calls good or evil and thus makes those things our own judgement call. Then she throws in something that does not exist in the Bible,…she throws in Hannah Montana, and again asks for our own judgement call.

This is such an evil switch I don’t know if I can stand it. It reminds me of the way satan tried to temp Jesus in the desert, except for the fact that ironically satan actually attempted to use the Word of God to justify the bait, Jenn doesn’t even try that. In fact I am not even sure if this bait is intended to appeal to your spirit at all.

You see when she threw in Hannah Montana she is throwing in a Worldly icon idolized by young kids especially girls all over the USA, and the World. Because they didn’t use the Word of God to identify ‘good’ and ‘evil’ on the other things that were already judged by God,..than neither did they use the Word of God to judge this question. If they had followed the Word of God concerning idolatry they would have clearly identified that they were just being fed idolatry as a ‘gray area’. And why is that so evil? Because idols take the very place of God Himself in our lives and they absorb the adoration and love that we are to give God (do they scream, and cry, and want to be as close to God as they want to be close to Hannah Montana at a Hanna Montana concert?).

Idolatry? Hmmmm

Why would she present idolatry as the hinge point of good and evil(black and white)? Because this is where she has a total disconnect from God and His Word. Basically in her world ministry contains a lot of Idolatry. Ministry figures in her world become idols and icons. Worship ministries, prophetic ministries, teaching ministries,…until people will go to an ‘anointed one’ instead of Going to God. Or they will go to an anointed one to get to God. They will soak in their icons music rather than enter into genuine worship, they will seek an icons teaching rather that the Holy Spirits revelation, and they will seek an icons prophetic word before spending hours in prayer to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit them selves. Their icons become their God and the revelation of their icons becomes more important to them than the Word of the living God,…this is why they don’t talk about the Bible much.

The wost most gruesome part of this satanic teaching is that people are being taught that ‘gray’ is light,…AAARRRGGGHHH. And that when God’s light passes through gray it produces the colors of God’s glory. Actually White represents ‘Good’, ‘Holy’, or ‘light’. Black represents ‘evil’, ‘darkness’, or ‘absence of all color’,…and gray,…it’s simple, gray is the color of mediocrity.

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. Revelation 3: 15,16

Existentialism, Oprah, Jenn and…..Jesus?

Oprah Winfrey who is one of the biggest cult teachers of relative theology in the World, she like Jenn teaches that God is your own personal God. That nobody can define Him for you that you must define Him for yourself. The thing that makes that lie so bad is that it is partially true. We do come to know God in a deep personal intimate relationship,…this is undebatably true,…However God defines Himself with His Word,..After all Wasn’t Jesus the definition of God Himself to us who dwell on the Earth? And who is Jesus? Well lets look at one of the Bibles greatest descriptions of Jesus.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God. He was in the Beginning with God. All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being.

In Him was life, and the life was the LIGHT of men. And the LIGHT shines in the DARKNESS, AND THE DARKNESS DID NOT COMPREHEND IT. John 1: 1-5

The Word of God calls Jesus Himself the Word and the light and that darkness does not even comprehend the light,…there is no gray, when the light comes the darkness is driven away, gray areas are only shades of darkness that we allow in the place where light dwells,…that is sin. Although it seems impossible on Earth, God commands us “be holy as I am holy”. Jesus says “seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness”. Does my righteousness look like God’s? Can I define God’s holiness or righteousness with my souls understanding or with my heart?…Jeremiah said that the heart of man is desperately wicked who could perceive it. We cannot trust with our understanding,…we must trust the Word of the Lord.

Some will say,” I am listening to the Spirit”. I say does the Spirit of God who came to bear witness of Christ Himself, does that Holy Spirit lead us away from or closer to the Word of God?

Finally I will say this…….. 1 John 1: 5-7 And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is light, and in Him there is NO darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the light as He Himself is the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.

  1. Is there any darkness in God? Any??
  2. Do we have fellowship with God if we walk in darkness?
  3. Do we practice the truth if we walk in darkness?
  4. Do we have fellowship with one another if we walk in darkness? or the light?
  5. AND,..this is the biggie,…Does the blood of Jesus cleanse us from all sin if we walk in the darkness? or the light?

I could go on with hours more of examples of the truth, however, I think the point is clear. The most dangerous thing humans can do is judge good and evil without the Word of God. In fact Adam and Eve ended up having knowledge of good and evil because they disobeyed what?? They disobeyed,..the Word of God. Notice that when satan deceived Adam and Eve he spoke partial truth to them, just like the time he was TRYING to tempt Jesus. That is because satan always uses partial truth in order to tell the biggest lies,…in other words satan uses ‘gray’ to deceive God’s people because not many of them would be deceived with outright ‘black’.

God is the judge of what is good and what is evil, of what is black and what is white, what is ‘positive’ and what is ‘negative’. The Spirit that comes from God will not contradict the Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Now that man has knowledge of good and evil, let’s not fail again by trusting our heart or mind instead of the Word of the Lord as to what is black or white.