Calibration Block 3-A,B, and C

It has taken me quite awhile to write part three of this message, I assure you it isn’t because I didn’t want to but this has been a very difficult and somewhat intimidating article to write.  As these articles progress it becomes clear the immensity and depth of our calling and what it means to truly examine ourselves with Christ as the measuring stick. Of course non of us will ever be Jesus, but as Christians we are all called to be like Him and if we are truly His then He is transforming us into His image from glory to glory. However sometimes I think many including myself(more often than I care to mention) forget what, and who glory is. Instead we choose to come up with our own definition of what is Christ-like rather than what truly is like Christ. The only real reason that this happens is because all to often we find another glory, something other than Jesus that captures our attention, our focus, and gains our adoration. It takes alot to care and nurture another glory and it is easy for a person to end up serving another master, and obeying the will of something that is in opposition to the will of God.  In this third part of the calibration block, the will of God is going to be the issue. The question that was posed at the end of part two of the calibration block was, what are the three reasons that Jesus gives that the people of Matthew 7: 21-23 were not allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? These are the people who had prophesied in Jesus name, cast out demons, and in Jesus name had performed many miracles and yet they were not allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven by the very Jesus by whom they had done all these spiritual works. So in review, the three reasons are, 1) They were not doing the will of the Father(even if they were doing the things that are supposed to be done for God). 2) Jesus says He doesn’t even know them. and 3) they practiced lawlessness.  Since these three reasons cover so much space I decided to tackle them one at a time in three separate ‘sub articles’, and since I have had such a hard time writing this final part of the calibration block, I have decided to do this via video rather than write it. The video has it’s challenges but it is the first of many to come, so please click ‘play’ and see if the Word of God and the Spirit of God aren’t speaking the very same things to you.

I am going to add all three of the Calibration Part three videos to this one post so that all three will be stored together. So here is part 3-B. This video has it’s ‘hot spots’ all the way to the end. I really enjoyed this part.

Last but not least here is section C to part three, I hit a couple of side note rabbit trails on this one, but not too bad, and I always get right back to the point, there is some good stuff in this video that you don’t want to miss if you have been watching the series. As far as the rabbit trails, I will get better I promise.

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  1. mormor says:

    Yee – ha and I havent read it yet!

  2. Esther says:

    Thanks! I loved it! Please, don’t wait too long to get the next part out.

    • Wow! I am really glad you liked this. I am working on the next one right now as we speak, I knew if I stopped the momentum it might be a long road ahead. After these videos there will be alot of deeper stuff so even though I am exited about whats going on, I am ecstatic about whats coming. So I feel pretty motivated. I have spent a long time on alot of the same stuff, but I am about to spend alot of time on many other things

  3. Kajsa Huckaba says:

    As always, Daniel, you have been very faithful with this word. Thank you for your sacrifice, friend.

  4. Esther says:

    So, it’s taken me a bit to comment. I listened to part B the first time when you first put it out and knew that listening to it once wouldn’t be enough. So, I just listened a second time and guess what, it’s probably not enough again. So, I’ll just say I get it in part and am chewing and will continue chewing with the scriptures in hand. It tastes good and bitter at the same time, so I believe I am on the right track!

    Intimacy is a word I hear a lot these days and being married to a worship leader, (I know that title is so bizarre! No one can “lead” worship) I very much agree that intimacy with God must come first in order to have anything to offer back to him. Our response, is just that, our choice in how we are going to respond to the written Word, and every other way God makes Himself known to us.

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned and are learning.

    • It’s funny you should say that it tastes good and bitter at the same time, because coming out of my mouth it is the same experience. Sometimes I know exactly what I am going to say and then other times words will come out of me as if they weren’t my own. It’s at times like those that I go back and listen and re-listen or read and re-read, and I go to war with my self as God used my own mouth to bring the truth that even stretches me. Thank you so much for your comment it is very encouraging. I think part C will begin with a further defining of what you were talking about, it was what helped me grab the intimacy thing a bit better.

  5. jberry says:

    I have watched part 3 A, B and C. All I can say is wow! Over the last several months I have been convicted and challenged more and more regarding my desire or need to shape the bible around my own beliefs and opinions instead of the other way around. I have been drawn into a gospel that requires no obedience or love, yet expecting to reap all the provision and power the scriptures speak of. It has become like a person who has been given a recipe of the most wonderful bread on earth. With great eagerness the ingredients are added, mixed, etc. Everything is done exactly as prescribed in the recipe, except for one thing. Putting it in heat just doesn’t make sense. Why would anybody do that, so the person decides not to. Upon declaring completion it is found that the bread looks and tasts nothing like what the person who gave the recipe said it would be like so the disillusioned person throws his fist up and curses the person who gave the recipe.
    In my recent studies I am realizing there are only two real indicators that a person is a follower of Christ: Obedience and Love for one another. For years I thought it was Spiritual gifts. The calibration has been way off in my walk, but major adjustments are being made; sometimes painful, but needed and now welcomed. Thank you so much Daniel for your teaching.

    • Wow, Wow, Wow! I am majorly blessed to hear that these teachings are reaching so deep into the hearts of other believers. Many times people will say to me, “your teachings are so harsh, you must be perfect and expect everyone else to be the same way”. And I always respond, ” I don’t even begin to be perfect, but Jesus is, and He is calling all of us to be like Him, changed into His image from glory to glory”. But I think so many find a creative image for Jesus and create their own way to become like it, I know I have many times. But the goal is Jesus Himself and though as you said, it is painful, it truly is the only way to Jesus,..because He is the life, He is the truth,…and He is the way.

  6. Jerry Kreger says:

    Just got through watching your 3-C video and as all the other videos and the written parts this word is right on with His word. As said before when we talk in person the word of true must be gotten out so people will receive the true bread of life. As I have done with the previous words of the calibration block 1, 2, and 3a,and b, I am showing this last part this Sunday evening service at “The Gathering Place”. As servant of God we must keep going forth with the true word of God to all that will receive it. Keep up the good work, and may God always bless you.

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