Blood Moon Tetrad, Israel, and the very last days.

The sun will be turned into to darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come. Acts 2: 20 ( Joel 2: 31)

It isn’t any great prophetic revelation at this point for me to be talking about the Blood Moon Tetrad event that is happening right now.  But some folks still don’t really know what is going on even though they have heard about it many times.  And I defiantly don’t want to watch one more of the most major events in history pass without saying something about it, espessially since the next blood moon occures October 8th which is just ten days away.  Basically a ‘Blood Moon’ occurs when you have a lunar eclipse during a full moon, which in itself is a rare event, then you add a four blood moon tetrad which is four consecutive blood moons spaced an even six months apart,…obviously more rare.  But, add to all of that a four blood moon tetrad in which all four occurrences land on Jewish high holidays and they are actual Feasts of the Lord!  Ok now the mathematical probabilities for coincidence are out the window.  Then add to that a solar eclipse that will occur between the second and third blood moon AND that one of the blood moons will be a super moon that will be right over Jerusalem at it’s most visible point and ….WOW!  So what relevance does all of this have to Bible prophecy?  Well basically I am going to post a video that will make this all very clear I think this video can do a much better job than I can explaining what is going on.  The video is from a show called It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth featuring a Mark Biltz who has extensively studied the blood moon tetrad event. Regardless of what your opinions are about Sid or his show (I personally really like the guy though I don’t always agree with him), this is something you must see.


Video – Mark Biltz, Blood Moon Tetrad


I am going to add a second video which is a little though provoking about the events that could likely occur in Israel and set off major end time events. The video starts a little different but it really covers a lot of ground. So if your dedicated to learning a little more than the first video, this will help. Also if anyone has a better video please let me know and I will post it.


Video – What will happen in Israel in 2014 and 2015?

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  1. Kajsa Huckaba says:

    It is surprising that there is not much being said about these things coming to pass. They are actual events. Tangible.

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