Are we really celebrating the birth of Jesus? I hope many of you really are! I am going to be fairly short and to the point on this message, and again I am issuing a challenge to all who are followers of Jesus Christ. First of all, we should all know that December 25th is most likely NOT the actual birth date of Jesus. We can’t really tell from scripture when it actually was, but was most likely sometime in late spring or early summer based on the account and timing of Elizabeth and the birth of John the Baptist, but this is an issue that I do not want to get into. Regardless of when HIS actual birthday was, to those of us who believe we just know that HE was born! I guess in a way just living for HIM is celebrating HIS birthday. My issue has to do with the way many celebrate it on December 25th every year.

Before I state what I have been taught here by the Holy Spirit, I want people to know that the Christmas season has been my absolute favorite time of the year for as long as I can remember. I am no different than most who may be reading this, but above all I want to be pleasing to my GOD. That means that when HE teaches a lesson and I learn it, that I then must do all I can to be obedient and live as HE has taught me. Let me explain why this holiday has had such an effect on me. From as early as I can remember, this time of year meant getting together at both grandparents homes for fun family time, great food, and lots of presents from the various family members, and of course Santa Claus. Like many other families the cousins, aunts, and uncles all enjoyed getting gifts for us kids, and “us kids” really enjoyed getting spoiled. On top of all this, I love the winter time! I enjoy cold weather, snow, and everything associated with it. All the above combined with time off from work and school…how could you not love this holiday?? I grew up in a family that was not religious; there was usually a small nativity set but that may have been the only mention of Jesus throughout the holiday, and it was really more along the lines of a fictitious man whom the holiday songs occasionally spoke of. Over the years, the emotions of this time of year really guided my reasons for loving the season. Then one day GOD showed me that HE was real, and that HE desired that I learn of HIM and follow HIM. So to me the logical thing to do if GOD is real is to obey HIM; after all HE is now nonfiction since HE made that very clear and continues to do so.

A couple years ago HE took me through my motivations and reasoning for my love of this holiday. Here is where the challenge begins for many of you believers. If you are not a believer, I question why you are celebrating the holiday too, but for different reasons… NOTHING in this holiday actually brought me any closer to GOD, unless you count all the gluttony and overspending I usually did followed by the prayer that GOD would get me out of the pain and debt that I created. My focus throughout time was me, me, me! Where is Jesus on HIS birthday? The other day I was in a hallmark store looking for a card for this time of year that I could use like a Bible tract to give to my mom. I wanted to make sure that she knew that Jesus is our GOD and SAVIOR whether one believes in HIM or not. I couldn’t find one about Christ! I asked the girl who worked there for some help. “Do you have any Christian Christmas cards?” I asked. She looked at me for a second, hesitated, and responded “No, at least not very many.” “Don’t you think that is kind of strange?” I asked. “This is a holiday that is supposed to be celebrating HIS birth and there are very few cards that even mention HIM!” There were hundreds that spoke of Santa or reindeer, or love at this time of year, but I found only 3 that spoke of Christ! Where is the priority?

First, I ask why are you celebrating Christmas, and second, do you know the origin and history of the common stuff this holiday is celebrated with? I am not going to go into detail about this but I challenge you to look up the origins to the tree, the lights, the holly and mistletoe, even the date that was chosen to celebrate the holiday. What does “Christ-mass” mean? Why do we teach kids that “Santa” comes to bring them gifts on the supposed birthday of the Christ? Research Saint Nick: if he was a real “Saint”—meaning a lover of Jesus—do you think he would want to be a symbol above God in any way at all? What are your true motivations for celebrating this day? Ask GOD to show you HIMSELF!
Please ask GOD, or just look up in the Bible what HE thinks about trying to use pagan stuff to worship HIM no matter how good it seems to make you feel. Worship GOD! Love HIM and be obedient to HIM! Don’t be ignorant to what you do for HIM, don’t just take the word of another or follow the pack. Ask GOD, seek answers in the Bible and in prayer. Don’t let pleasing your flesh override what HE asks of you. Let the HOLY GHOST teach you the innermost thoughts of GOD and then take those lessons to the world. JESUS is the KING, we are called to believe and follow HIM, so let’s do it!


It’s that time of the year again and I cannot restrain myself from speaking out against Halloween. I must question why anybody who actually claims to be Christian even remotely celebrates this holiday of Satan. Of all the holidays this one is the most blatantly evil of them all. It is no surprise with the rise of epics such as Twilight, Harry Potter and the love so many have for the horror flicks that we have grown up with that Halloween is such a popular fun holiday. It is fun to dress up in costume, it is fun to get and eat candy, it is fun to gather and celebrate with the typical festive foods and drinks. My problem is not that the world celebrates evil, I expect them too, it is that I am watching many who claim Christ as their savior celebrate the Holiday as well, and even worse I am seeing the “church”, which should be a holy house of prayer, worship, and learning also celebrate the day. Some may call it a harvest party, and if that is true then celebrate it on a different day! I do not believe that dressing up in costume for fun, within itself is evil, I do not believe that eating some candy, or even celebrating is evil either. But don’t do it because the world is doing it around you especially on the day of the dead!!! It is without doubt from the pits of Hell that any Christian or any House of Worship (who believes in Christ) would celebrate this holiday! I have heard many excuses… I had a Christian friend send me a picture of a little kid dressed up as a fire man in a fire truck that came by for some candy. The caption on the picture was “Is this kid evil too?” The kid may or may not have been, I do not know who he was or who his parents are. I did not know if they were Christian or not, and just because he was a child by no means makes him innocent. Unfortunately this Christian man does not agree that my stance on Halloween is correct. They are church goers and even have their kids in a private Christian school, I do not believe that this is just “my” stance, I believe that this is the stance of our GOD in Heaven! The scriptures very clearly back that the celebrating or worshiping of evil is not ok in the eyes of God from Genesis to Revelation. I am not going to put them all in here but please look up the roots of Halloween. Please understand that it is NOT ok to try and make a GOD holiday coincide with and evil holiday so that the Christians have something to celebrate.

Here is a possible response for this day! Do not run and hide, do not shut your lights off and ignore the evil hoping it goes away. Buy the biggest bestsest candy bars you can afford. Write or buy bible tracts! Get stuff that really teaches people who Christ is and why we need to seek Him. Ask to pray with each group of people that come to YOUR house!!! You have the right to respond in a WWJD fashion especially on your own property!!! Pray that the Holy Spirit falls on them and whoever is with them! Show them the love of Christ, ask GOD to teach you something creative to do, but DO NOT CELEBRATE SATAN WITH THEM!!! Use the moment provided when they approach you to show them Jesus! For many this will be the scariest part of their night.


What is Easter, where does it come from, why do we celebrate it, and what do the celebratory eggs, rabbits, etc. have to do with the holiday? I like to know the origins of the holidays that we celebrate, especially those that are representing (or misrepresenting) the Bible. This is a long one (what a shocker!) but well worth it if you are seeking God’s truth in your life. His truth pertains to EVERYTHING, including this. [Read more...]

Quick and to the Point…

Who are we as Christians if we do not practice what we preach? The Bible says in James 2:14-26 “14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. 18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. 19 You believe that there is one God. [Read more...]