Is it really that hard to believe?

All living things are built with DNA encoding which is the instructions for cells to become the life form that the DNA has determined it to be. All cells are made up of compounds, chemicals, and minerals that are ultimately found in simple dirt. If you put a seed into the ground it will become what its DNA encoding was inside the seed, it could be the most poisonous plant in the world or the most nutritious vegetable, it could be a giant oak tree or a blade of grass, and all of these draw their building blocks from dirt and water as they grow, and when they die they eventually become dirt again. The Bible says that God made man from the dirt of the ground and true to the Word we can find all of our composition contained in the right handful of dirt, also that all things living are made up of DNA, and cells no matter what life form it is or what environment it inhabits…..Is it really that hard to see God in all of this, is it really that far out there?

Taking Ground

Taking Ground – Intercessory Prayer Conference

When – Friday and Saturday June 10th and 11th Starting at 10am Friday morning.

Where - Church in Motion 1099 Queen Ave. S.W. Albany Oregon 97322 (Across the street from West Albany High School)

How much? – It’s free to all, an offering will be taken during the meeting but there is no charge for the conference or any materials.

Conference Focus -The Taking Ground Prayer Conference will focus on the power of intense intercession over our cities, the organizing of effective prayer strategies, and intercession teams to win those cities for the Kingdom. We are actually going to teach the dynamics of spiritual warfare, prayer walking, and prayer mapping your city as well as ways to focus on the biggest issues in those areas. We are not just looking to pray for our cities we are looking to win those cities for Christ and to see a powerful awakening of the Gospel in our Nation!

The conference will have three sessions on Friday, then Saturday morning at 10:00am we will start off with a prayer walking event  that will lead into worship and intercession Saturday afternoon. The sessions are as follows.

Friday Session 1 - 10:00am – 1:00pm – Warfare intercession – In this session we will be talking about waking up, encouraging, or stirring up the intercessory warrior in all of us. We don’t just want to pray for our cities we want to win them! We want to take ground for the Kingdom of God and we realize that passive half hearted prayer will never accomplish that. If you come for nothing else, come to learn or be encouraged to war in the spirit. We will have special guest Melvia Cunningham to help lead us in prayer/warfare. Melvia is a spiritual bundle of dynamite, literally a lot of power in a small package. Melvia comes to us from Portland Oregon and has spent the majority of her life taking ground in intercession.

Friday Lunch - 1:00pm – 2:00pm (Lunch will be Provided in our fellowship hall)

Friday Session 2 -  2:00pm – 4:00pm -  Prayer mapping and prayer walking your city, strategies for effectively changing your city spiritually and winning your city for the Kingdom of God. This session will be specifically aimed at equipping the Church with established and creative ways to approach city wide intercession. We will also have special guest speakers Pastor Daniel and Melinda Koehler from Tanzania Africa who will share testimonies and strategy that they have employed in over thirty years of ministry in Central and Eastern Africa.

Friday Dinner Break - 4:00pm – 6:30pm  (on your own)

Friday Evening Session - 7:00pm – Oh this is gonna be good!!!! Worship – prophetic prayer – with an emphasis on personal ministry. We are literally going to stir up the gift of God in each other, as well as believing God for a powerful impartation of intercessory prayer in His Church!

1 Timothy 4:14 “Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by
prophecy by with the laying on of hands of the elders.”

2 Timothy 1:6-7 “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God, which is in
you by the laying on of my hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of
power and of love and a sound mind.”

Saturday June 11th – Morning session – 10:30am – We will have a time of worship and instruction and then will will prayer walk our local neighborhoods putting prayer into action!

Saturday Lunch – 1:00pm – 2:00pm  (lunch will be provided in our fellowship hall)

Saturday Worship and Intercession – 2:00pm – We will be going into a time of Worship and intercession at the Church while some teams will be continuing to prayer walk our city. We wanted to announce a time that this would end, but we are really believing God for amazing testimonies of what happens during the prayer walks. Please come to this conference believing God for big things! We want to see Churches and prayer teams all across our across our City, State, and Nation, catch a vision for what God can do through a Church that is intent on seeing the Kingdom of Heaven loosed on Earth!




Destruction of America

After October 8 (the second blood moon) I will begin again writing articles here on Zionfire. Lately I have been posting videos and even then, very few and far between. The first article that I will write will be to clearly explain through scripture by the Spirit of God what I know will happen to the United States of America, and what we as Christians are called to do during these times. I have had several people ask me over the years if I believe that there is anyone in the world who has been given accurate revelation about the United States and it’s future. So for the last time before the upcoming season of articles I will submit these two videos that I believe have accurate messages. The first is a message by David Wilkerson. The video I will post from him is from a vision he received in the early 70′s, much of the things he says in his message have already very accurately come to pass, but there was no way for him to know without revelation that those things would occur. Some of the other things have not yet come to pass. The second video will seem a bit more ‘out there’ to some folks because it is from a show called The Prophecy Club. I have watched a couple of people on that show before (Dimitri Dudiman, Henry Gruver) both were right on as far as I’m concerned. This video takes a culmination of several prophets from all over the World( none of these people are really well known especially in the perverse ‘prophetic movement’) and compares what these people are saying over the years.


David Wilkerson 1973 prophecy


Destruction of America

Blood Moon Tetrad, Israel, and the very last days.

The sun will be turned into to darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come. Acts 2: 20 ( Joel 2: 31)

It isn’t any great prophetic revelation at this point for me to be talking about the Blood Moon Tetrad event that is happening right now.  But some folks still don’t really know what is going on even though they have heard about it many times.  And I defiantly don’t want to watch one more of the most major events in history pass without saying something about it, espessially since the next blood moon occures October 8th which is just ten days away.  Basically a ‘Blood Moon’ occurs when you have a lunar eclipse during a full moon, which in itself is a rare event, then you add a four blood moon tetrad which is four consecutive blood moons spaced an even six months apart,…obviously more rare.  But, add to all of that a four blood moon tetrad in which all four occurrences land on Jewish high holidays and they are actual Feasts of the Lord!  Ok now the mathematical probabilities for coincidence are out the window.  Then add to that a solar eclipse that will occur between the second and third blood moon AND that one of the blood moons will be a super moon that will be right over Jerusalem at it’s most visible point and ….WOW!  So what relevance does all of this have to Bible prophecy?  Well basically I am going to post a video that will make this all very clear I think this video can do a much better job than I can explaining what is going on.  The video is from a show called It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth featuring a Mark Biltz who has extensively studied the blood moon tetrad event. Regardless of what your opinions are about Sid or his show (I personally really like the guy though I don’t always agree with him), this is something you must see.


Video – Mark Biltz, Blood Moon Tetrad


I am going to add a second video which is a little though provoking about the events that could likely occur in Israel and set off major end time events. The video starts a little different but it really covers a lot of ground. So if your dedicated to learning a little more than the first video, this will help. Also if anyone has a better video please let me know and I will post it.


Video – What will happen in Israel in 2014 and 2015?

The Beginning of the End (A challenge)

It’s been awhile since I have posted anything on Zionfire. I have wanted to put up a new posting for a long time but what I wanted to post seemed to be so out of place on this site. Most of what I have posted here is Biblical or Spiritual revelation and most of that has been topics that have been either tough or challenging for the Church. Although it is ironic that most of what I have posted doesn’t seem to be as challenging for those outside the Church.
Today I wanted to address something a little ‘outside the box’. So I will begin by saying that unless you have been living in another dimension, in a coma, or totally asleep for the last 10 or 20 years, you will notice that the United States and the rest of the ‘civilized’ world is on a crash course with a New World Order. We as Christians know that the end times are coming just as the book of Revelation, Daniel, Amos, and many other Prophets have revealed. Some Christians think that these times are a long way off and we wont see these things during our life on Earth. My response to that is, “are you absolutely deaf, blind, and spiritually dead!!!!!” For one it is hard for me to believe that there is a people that are so focused on themselves and their own personal safety and comfort that they would want their children or grandchildren to face the anti-christ and the New World Government so they didn’t have to. Secondly if you have read the Word of God concerning the events of the end times then you know without a shadow of a doubt that we are seeing these events unfold before our very eyes.
Also for many of you who have studied the history of the United States, and Europe you know that there have been a great number of events that have already occurred over the last few hundred years that have set the stage for a World with the technology and ability for a few extremely wicked and satanically controlled people to rule the World. I would really like to write lengthy articles(I still may do that) and make a few videos on the subject, but I thought I would open this can of worms with a challenge. This is a challenge to those who believe that we are living in the end times(or the beginning of the end, if you wish) and to those who do not believe it, but are open to listening to another point of view.
I am going to post a series of videos that explain to anyone the true condition of America and the rest of the World. These videos will explain many of the conditions of our Governments, financial systems, and social ideologies that are making it possible for us to fall so hard, so fast. I mean have you ever wondered why a ‘free’ Country like America with such a strong Constitution and Bill of Rights could completely unravel into a Socialist tyranny throwing away their inalienable rights for ridiculous lies, and do it all in one generation? Why are we not putting up more of a fight? Have even we who believe been mentally trained to lay down all that we love and hold dear to go along with this wicked plan?
I challenge you as I took this very same challenge myself a couple of years ago, to watch these videos and discover what I did. See if you can watch these videos and walk away unchanged in your mind and in your heart.
Some will question why I would post something like this on a site dedicated to Gospel teaching and truth, but I will tell you that I feel an overwhelming sense of urgency to tell people what is happening and to expose what has been overtaking us for so long.

Video 1)  Agenda 21 the grinding down of America

Video 2) The Fall of the Republic (full version)

Video 3) America Freedom to Fascism

Video 4) Iron Mountain – The Blueprint for tyranny

In addition to these four Documentaries I also want to add two more. These two documentaries are shorter and are specifically aimed at teaching us what happened and how it happened step-by-step so that all the blanks are filled. It was just a few years ago that I began learning about all this stuff and my eyes were really opened up as to what was happening in the World around me, giving me a new sense of urgency about the times in which we live. Some people will argue that we should focus on the ‘positive’ things and not worry about the ‘scary’ things that are going on around us. Well all I have to say is that if we really are a people of faith then our reaction to truth will not be fear, and we will not need sweet little lies to keep our spirit happy(what kind of spirit is that anyway). So if you are like me and really like detailed teaching on the things you learning then you will really like these two short documentaries. I will say as a kind of warning from the get go that the second documentary ‘The collapse of the American dream’ does have a couple of references or scenes that I personally feel aren’t appropriate for children, however it never goes overboard. The reason I am including this documentary is because it is so good at explaining the truth through animation concerning exactly what has happened to the America we all believe truly existed. I guarantee you that if you take the time to even watch half of these documentaries you will begin to see what is happening to our Country in a whole new light. Then after seeing these things I challenge you to read the Book of Revelation without seeing it in a whole new light as well.

Video 5) Money as Debt

Video 6)The collapse of the American dream

The Revival Hymn

Calibration Block 3-A,B, and C

It has taken me quite awhile to write part three of this message, I assure you it isn’t because I didn’t want to but this has been a very difficult and somewhat intimidating article to write.  As these articles progress it becomes clear the immensity and depth of our calling and what it means to truly examine ourselves with Christ as the measuring stick. Of course non of us will ever be Jesus, but as Christians we are all called to be like Him and if we are truly His then He is transforming us into His image from glory to glory. However sometimes I think many including myself(more often than I care to mention) forget what, and who glory is. Instead we choose to come up with our own definition of what is Christ-like rather than what truly is like Christ. The only real reason that this happens is because all to often we find another glory, something other than Jesus that captures our attention, our focus, and gains our adoration. It takes alot to care and nurture another glory and it is easy for a person to end up serving another master, and obeying the will of something that is in opposition to the will of God.  In this third part of the calibration block, the will of God is going to be the issue. The question that was posed at the end of part two of the calibration block was, what are the three reasons that Jesus gives that the people of Matthew 7: 21-23 were not allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? These are the people who had prophesied in Jesus name, cast out demons, and in Jesus name had performed many miracles and yet they were not allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven by the very Jesus by whom they had done all these spiritual works. So in review, the three reasons are, 1) They were not doing the will of the Father(even if they were doing the things that are supposed to be done for God). 2) Jesus says He doesn’t even know them. and 3) they practiced lawlessness.  Since these three reasons cover so much space I decided to tackle them one at a time in three separate ‘sub articles’, and since I have had such a hard time writing this final part of the calibration block, I have decided to do this via video rather than write it. The video has it’s challenges but it is the first of many to come, so please click ‘play’ and see if the Word of God and the Spirit of God aren’t speaking the very same things to you.

I am going to add all three of the Calibration Part three videos to this one post so that all three will be stored together. So here is part 3-B. This video has it’s ‘hot spots’ all the way to the end. I really enjoyed this part.

Last but not least here is section C to part three, I hit a couple of side note rabbit trails on this one, but not too bad, and I always get right back to the point, there is some good stuff in this video that you don’t want to miss if you have been watching the series. As far as the rabbit trails, I will get better I promise.

Paul Washer Mocks the ‘Modern Gospel’

This is a short clip of an amazing message by Paul Washer on the error of Modern Evangelism versus the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can find the full message here –

A quick note about master cleanse and fasting

I believe in prayer and waiting on God as I know you all do as well. And as most of you do I also believe in prayer and fasting. To me fasting has always been a time of devoted prayer and waiting on God while cutting out every hindrance in my life that includes hobbies, projects, food or any other distracting thing(I usually drink water though, especially when fasting in the boonies). Paul even said in 1 Corinthians(1 Cor 7:5) that husbands and wives should never deny one another intimacy unless by agreement for a time of prayer and fasting. So needless to say fasting is usually a time for focusing solely on intercession and prayer and almost nothing else. ​In the last few years I have heard of some interesting fasts some of which were pretty amusing. One fast that I heard of was two guys committing to eat only milkshakes during their time of fasting. I’m not trying to knock other folks but I really think the Church especially the intercessors and prayer warriors need to get back to serious fasting and prayer appealing to Heaven for the power of God to move on Earth.
​I do know however that there are many people who just have a crazy hard time with the fasting part of prayer and fasting, I know there are times that that has been my challenge as well. So I thought I would share this video from youtube about the masters cleanse. It is a solid food fast that cleanses your body from toxins(nobody needs that more than Americans) and it helps you fast while you are praying. In fact it is kind of prophetic to detox and cleanse your body during a time of prayer, oh that the Church would be spiritually detoxed and cleansed! Any way here is the link to that video-

Masters cleanse fast

​If you are new to fasting and prayer you will find that within a couple of days of going at it that you will feel such an open connection with Heaven that the lack of food won’t matter as much. Your times of prayer will increase in intensity even if your physical energy level is not at it’s best. And wow, for me I hear the Spirit of God so much clearer while on a fast, in fact it is never a good idea to fast without a pen and note pad nearby(forget the computer it will snag you), because you will be hearing alot more than usual. And during a time of fasting your hunger for the Word of God and the revelation that you get from the Word will increase sometimes the level of that increase is very high. The only thing I would really encourage with a fast is to prepare for a fast a couple days in advance so you are free to go after God with as few hindrances and interruptions as possible. And if you have hobbies, or interests, or even idols that demand your undivided attention, do not give them any place in your life during a time of fasting(as if idols belong in your life at all),…God hates competition. ​And that is really what a fast is about it is about giving God your undivided attention, so He can give you His.

The first three months of 2012