An urgent message every American needs to hear

This is a recording by a guy named Lindsey Williams. Lindsey was a Chaplain on the Alaskan pipeline for three years. During that time he made friendships with many of the global elites who have massive interests in global oil control(as well as total control). One of those elites recently died at 87 years old, before dying he told Lindsey to tell the World all he knows. There are many more CD’s by Lindsey that go into greater detail and info evidence, but this is a great short compiling of much of that information. Lindsey like most preachers sometimes gets a little long winded but what he tells it like it is. Lindsey has been doing this for years and now many respect the fact that if Lindsey says its going to happen then its going to happen. Not because hes so smart or so prophetic but because he is very well informed. His motive, he really does love his Country and cares about the people in it, and he wants his Nation to return to Christ.
You definitely want to hear the whole recording even if you can only hear it parts at a time, because some of your questions about earlier comments that Lindsey makes get answered in later dialog. This recording was made in December so you can already see much of this is already happening. Please watch. And as Lindsey says copy this and give it away,…alot! And if you listen to the entire message please prepare your family in all the ways Lindsey is prescribing. Number one Get your house in spiritual order, many of you have already heard the Holy Spirit speaking this to you for a couple of years now,..with URGENCY! Do it, keep your family in the Word and in prayer. Have days of prayer and fasting in your home, honor the Sabbath, make that day holy unto the Lord and have everyone in your house honor the Lord that day. Get rid of all the garbage from hell in your home such as the worshiping of worldly idols,…in other words,…get your house in order. There are many other things but I’ll let Lindsey say them. I will also post some links to some other sites where you can get, listen to, or watch Lindsey Williams.

You can but Lindsey’s CD’s at this survival site if your not big into making copies(a little spendy)  3 part CD series

This is part 1 of an 8 part series(all can be found with this video), the parts are divided into ten minute segments because of youtube parameters.   The non-energy crisis (part 1of8)

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  1. i2am7 says:

    How could he be publicly and openly revealing this information, without somehow being on their side?

  2. i2am7 says:

    …I would figure that these videos themselves would eventually serve as a red herring from the real truth

  3. i2am7 says:

    But when it comes down to it… yes, the Holy Spirit has been speaking URGENCY. But the kind of urgency I am hearing seems to be like… get out of here too. But go where?

    I haven’t heard all of Lindsey’s stuff yet, so I don’t know if he addresses this or not

    • Yes he does, also I would highly recommend that you see the Aaron Russo interview. Aaron Russo was to my knowledge not a Christian, but he was a guy with a lot of integrity, and really loved and cared about his country. Aaron made some documentaries that became popular that were truth based and really nailed the truths he was sharing about America. In one documentary called ‘America freedom to fascism’ Aaron proves that the Federal income tax is completely illegal, and not constitutional.
      Because of Aarons documentaries, one of the Rockefellers ended up contacting Aaron. Through out the years this Rockefeller would tell Aaron what the elites were planning for the US and the World, Aaron would listen with his mouth hanging open and stunned.
      After learning that he had cancer and that he didn’t have long to live Aaron Russo did an interview and told America the things Rockefeller told him. It is a shocking and amazing interview that helps you understand where the country is going and that unless America were to repent and turn to God there is no hope for this Country.

      You can see the interview here –

    • Kajsa Huckaba says:

      Some find the information here helpful:

  4. judah says:


    So very very true….

    I have a three links to help you head for the hills.
    (Please Find God’s Will For Your Life ASAP!!!)
    2012 is going to start the clock ticking towards a 2015-2017
    supernatural economic showdown.

    God is Smashing the System.
    Pray God makes the way before you and will also be your rear guard.

    Here are the Links…–t.html

    Lots of Love,


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