About ZionFire

ZionFire began years ago as a place in my heart and mind where God spoke to me about the time that the Church calls ‘the last days’ or ‘ the end times’. As a boy, I wondered about the events of the last days and what the Bible had to say about them. In my early teens, God familiarized me with Israel and its archeology. I would read magazines like The Biblical Archaeological Review, as well as texts and teaching on Biblical Archaeology. God showed me that the proof of the Word of God can be found in the ground, and in the dust of the Earth and that if you were to look closely not only will the ground reveal that we didn’t come from monkeys, but that every Word of Bible history is absolutely true. This leaves us no reason to doubt it’s foretelling of our future as well. Needless to say that through my early years, Israel, and the end times became key issues that would burn in me for a lifetime. Years later, as an adult, I was teaching Bible classes in a Church in central Oregon when God did some things that profoundly changed my life forever.

God imparted a Prophetic gift into my life, and I begun to prophecy, and not just about end times either,…but just about everything. My understanding of the Word of God began to be heightened. God began to release revelation to me that I was almost unable to handle. At that time the Spirit of God was on my wife and I so heavily that we asked God to please remove the weight of His presence from us because it was too much. We were grieved that we could handle so little of God that we had to ask that, because it was awesome to have Him there, but I’m telling you He was so strong we were unable to take much more and still function. During this time in my life I saw both of my daughters healed in amazing testimonies that one day I will share here on Zionfire. I know that there is a perfect time to release these stories, but until then I will just share them at meetings and in conversation. After that we began to pray for many that were healed of sickness and diseases, and we began to cast out demons as well, leaving some with testimonies of healing from ‘insanity” (humans don’t know what else to call it). We began to see many whom God had touched in our lives become both friends and family, and that is what ZionFire is today. We are a group of people who are working together to help the Church grow in strength and ability to function as ministers of the Gospel in the last days and end times. We are devoted to seeing everyone who claims the name of Jesus as their savior to also be empowered and equipped to preach the Gospel as effectively as possible. That we be freed to walk without the hindrance and bondage of the lies we had learned to come into agreement with as Christians that stopped us from walking in all that God had for us. As you spend time on ZionFire you will find two major things about the way we minister:

  1. We don’t try to talk to you in a ‘way that you can receive’ what we have to say, just like Jesus, we know that the hearer not the speaker is responsible for ‘receiving’. Paul the Apostle was clear on the fact that eloquence of speech was not necessary for preaching the Word or for the receiving of it, as Jesus said, “he who has an ear to hear, let him hear”.
  2. Everything you see here on ZionFire will be backed by the Word of God. A lot of what calls itself ‘the prophetic’ today has lost its connection to the Word of God, feeling that God has given them a license or a ‘freedom’ from its connection to the Word. I will tell you, however, that any true Word of the Lord will have a perfect marriage to the written Word of God that has already been given us, and one will only add weight to the other. If anyone has a ‘revelation’ that leads you away from Biblical truth, DON’T LISTEN! Let the true fire of the Word of the Lord burn in your heart and NEVER let it go.

Daniel Paul