A quick note about master cleanse and fasting

I believe in prayer and waiting on God as I know you all do as well. And as most of you do I also believe in prayer and fasting. To me fasting has always been a time of devoted prayer and waiting on God while cutting out every hindrance in my life that includes hobbies, projects, food or any other distracting thing(I usually drink water though, especially when fasting in the boonies). Paul even said in 1 Corinthians(1 Cor 7:5) that husbands and wives should never deny one another intimacy unless by agreement for a time of prayer and fasting. So needless to say fasting is usually a time for focusing solely on intercession and prayer and almost nothing else. ​In the last few years I have heard of some interesting fasts some of which were pretty amusing. One fast that I heard of was two guys committing to eat only milkshakes during their time of fasting. I’m not trying to knock other folks but I really think the Church especially the intercessors and prayer warriors need to get back to serious fasting and prayer appealing to Heaven for the power of God to move on Earth.
​I do know however that there are many people who just have a crazy hard time with the fasting part of prayer and fasting, I know there are times that that has been my challenge as well. So I thought I would share this video from youtube about the masters cleanse. It is a solid food fast that cleanses your body from toxins(nobody needs that more than Americans) and it helps you fast while you are praying. In fact it is kind of prophetic to detox and cleanse your body during a time of prayer, oh that the Church would be spiritually detoxed and cleansed! Any way here is the link to that video-

Masters cleanse fast

​If you are new to fasting and prayer you will find that within a couple of days of going at it that you will feel such an open connection with Heaven that the lack of food won’t matter as much. Your times of prayer will increase in intensity even if your physical energy level is not at it’s best. And wow, for me I hear the Spirit of God so much clearer while on a fast, in fact it is never a good idea to fast without a pen and note pad nearby(forget the computer it will snag you), because you will be hearing alot more than usual. And during a time of fasting your hunger for the Word of God and the revelation that you get from the Word will increase sometimes the level of that increase is very high. The only thing I would really encourage with a fast is to prepare for a fast a couple days in advance so you are free to go after God with as few hindrances and interruptions as possible. And if you have hobbies, or interests, or even idols that demand your undivided attention, do not give them any place in your life during a time of fasting(as if idols belong in your life at all),…God hates competition. ​And that is really what a fast is about it is about giving God your undivided attention, so He can give you His.

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